Thursday, May 22, 2008


Tonight, I made 2 cents from my son. Yup, I got 2 pennies from a 2 year old. Pretty cool!! At this rate, I can buy a can of pop (yes, I call it pop, after being in IL for 15 years) at the end of next month!!

Seriously.... About a month ago, after bunking the boys together, I realized how much time I was spending going back and forth to their room after bed time, asking/telling them to go to bed and be quiet. Back and forth I would go... yelling would increase, kids would not be asleep, I would be stressed (to say the least).

So I borrowed an idea from a friend, and it saved my sanity. It goes like this... Each child gets three pennies at bed time. Each time they call out for something, have to be talked to/yelled at for misbehaving, etc. they lose a penny. So, three strikes and they're out (not sure what happens if they run out and are still bad.... hasn't happened yet!). Any remaining money in the morning, is their's and goes in the piggy bank. After explaining this, the first night was a breeze. We read stories, set out their pennies, said good night, and that was it. The next time I checked on them, they were down for the count!! My sanity cost $0.06!!!

Well, the novelty has worn off a little, and we've lost some pennies here and there, but for the most part, the idea still works. Trevor is a little money hungry and can't handle ANYONE taking his money. He is, however, more than willing to tattle on his little bro' and try to get extra money!!!

Tonight, a new variation. Off to bed at 8:15, with 3 pennies each. Trevor asleep by about 8:45, no issues. Blake still awake at 9:45. He's been good and quiet, but consistently saying he doesn't want to go to sleep (even if it means he can't go to the zoo tomorrow!). So, at 9:45 Daddy goes to check on him, and the "No!" fest starts. No, I don't wanna go to bed. No, No, NO... to everything. They're sitting in the hallway having a nice little conversation. Then...

Blake: "I wanna go see Mommy."
Daddy: "No, it's bed time."
Blake: "I want Mommy."
Daddy: "Sorry, it's bed time."
Blake: "I give you penny to go see Mommy?"
Daddy: "Okay."

So Blake pays up, and comes to visit me. Happy Boy!!

A few minutes later (how long did you think a penny was gonna get ya?) and Daddy says it's bed time. Again they argue, with tears and fits on the floor this time. Finally, Blake says, "I sleep in Mommy's room? I give you penny!". Daddy says yes, and Blake practially skips over to get the penny, gives it to Steve, and runs to our room!!! Ah, what a penny will get you these days!!

After about 30 minutes on our floor (in the dark), with pillow, blanket, and Elmo, he just decided he wants to go back to his bed. Daddy said sure, and off he went to his own room. I hope he doesn't want that penny back!!!

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