Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, my little boy is growing up. Last week, was Trevor's first week of T-ball (and this was week #2). Boy was I nervous to see how it would go. But first, let me go back even further, to about March...

I saw a notice about t-ball sign-up coming soon and thought Trev would really enjoy it. But, I know Trevor WAY too well! He is hesitant to take lessons from teachers, especially one's he doesn't know. Anytime we suggest soccer, swimming, etc. he asks if his preschool teacher will be teaching it. Once we say no, Trev is out. No interest, no desire, no way!! Past swim classes have not gone well once it was just him and a teacher (no mommy in the water). SO..... I approached t-ball in a slightly different way...

Me (reading flyer): "Oh, this sounds really cool!"
Trev: "What, Mommy? What?"
Me: "Oh nothing...."
Trev: "What, Mommy? What?"
Me: "Nevermind, it's nothing you'd want to do."
Trev (more urgently!): "What, Mommy? What?"
Me: "Well, it could be fun, but there's a teacher and it's not Miss C"
Trev: "Mommy, I wanna do it!"
Me: "Really, you want to play t-ball?"
Trev: "Yes, yes, mommy! Who's gonna teach me?"

And so, I suckered him into playing!!! 1 point for Mommy!! We signed up, kept talking about, kept reminding him Miss C wasn't going to be his coach, and kept playing t-ball in the yard (something we've done for about a year now). About 2 weeks ago was the first team meeting (at a pizza place-so Trev was happy) and we met the coach and team. Still Trevor was happy. We got team t-shirts....light blue. Still Trev was happy (but he would have been happier if it was Yellow!). And so last Saturday came.....and he was still happy!!!

And he did GREAT!!! He had a blast, didn't have a fit or even think about not participating! It was awesome!! As for the actual 'game'. Quite entertaining. Picture nine 3- and 4-year-olds, trying to throw, catch, hit, and run! It was funny!!!

The first half is just practice..... thank goodness, cause they need it!! Trev was throwing the ball miles, and the poor kid who was supposed to catch it wasn't appreciating it. But catching was tough on Trev too.... most of the time he watched the ball land in the grass and then went to get it. And that glove on his left hand, just keeping his hand warm.... not really useful at all!!! He doesn't care for the batting helmets either!

Then comes the 'game'. Each team has a turn batting and in the field. When batting, each kid gets a turn to hit, they run to first, and then as more kids bat, they run around the rest of the bases. Well, that's the coaches plan at least.... but someone forgot to tell the kids. So kid #1 comes up to bat, hits the ball, and stands there. Coaches and parents are trying to help either yelling "Run" or "Get the ball". So what happens?? The batter grabs the ball!!! How funny! Repeat four or five times. Eventually, they start to catch on (with a coach at home plate), that after they hit, they run to first. Meanwhile, the kids in the field, start to catch on that THEY are the ones who should get the ball... but then what do they do with it??

Ready for our first game!
Trevor, #2, practicing his throwing with a team mate.
Playing 2nd base.
Getting ready to bat.
Running the bases.
Running the bases... week 2.
Get ready to hit....
Now run!!
Well, they're working on it.... and they're darn cute! They take turns playing various field positions, and this week (#2) Trevor while playing 'pitcher', got a ball and threw it to first, and basically got the game's first/only out, as the kid running didn't run!! Go Trev!!!

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