Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Monday's are laundry day! Yay, a thrilling thing on my to-do list now that I'm an adult. Now that I'm home part-time I should have time to do laundry, but that's not usually the case, and even if I had time, it still isn't one of my favorite pursuits. The boys, however, feel differently!!

As we get up and get going on a Monday morning, I inevitably push the laundry baskets out of my closet and into the upstairs hallway. And for T & B, the fun begins!! They climb in the baskets, Elmo and Spider-Man hide in the laundry, and they BEG to be allowed to "play laundry". Usually, I make them wait until they are fed and dressed (mean mommy!), and then total chaos begins in my living room.

Below, a few photos documenting the mayhem.

Not pictured: flying from on top of the couch into the large laundry pile, Trevor wearing 5 pairs of Steve's undies at the same time, and the boys jumping from on top of the laundry baskets onto the pile at the same time and landing on each other. All of these are common occurrences too!

Of course, they HATE when it's time to actually put the laundry into the washing machine....why would you want to do that? However, Trevor now enjoys searching the pockets before we wash, as he's making a TON of money off Daddy's pocket change!!

One of my favorite parts of laundry day.... when people unexpectedly ring my doorbell during all this commotion. Whether it's Grandma, the mailman, or a total stranger, you just hesitate to open the door, when your 2-year-old has mom's bra on his head, and his brother is calling him a "boobie-head". I can only wonder what the mail man thinks of me!!! Oh well....

Oh and to all my mom friends out there, sure bring your kids by on Monday morning, and let them join in on the fun.....the more the merrier!!


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Elizabeth said...

Too funny. Hannah too loves my bras and will wear multiple ones at the same time.

Jen said...


all the things to look forward to! i can't get over how much the boys have grown in the past year.. we're overdue (or just due) for a visit. It's hard to believe that Ben is about where Blake was when you visited last summer!

btw.. i love the blog.. i check it daily..