Monday, May 19, 2008


Friday was a great day! (Told you I would post about it when I wasn't cranky!!)

We spent the day close to home, and babysat for a friend. The boys love H, and she loves them. She's about a year younger than Blake, so she's become the boys adopted little sister at times.

After playing for a while at home, we took a jaunt to a neighborhood park....about 1.25 miles away. Trevor gladly rode his bike, and B & H cruised in the double jogger. While walking to the park, they polished off an entire bag of goldfish (lovingly provided by H's mom!). The bag of goldfish was between them and it was cute to watch them both reach into the bag at the same time.... kind of like 2 people on a first date at the movies, sharing popcorn. They were so cute....but no photos of that moment! Oops!

Trevor on his bike... no feet since it's downhill!
For a while, we played happily at the park, both on the equipment, and in the field picking dandelions and running around.

Then we heard the sound of a tractor. Yup, the park is next to a corn field (you aren't surprised, are you???!). The boys ran over to watch it! They were SO excited. H could have cared less!! The tractor came towards us, turned around and went away. They watched it forever....and then were very sad they couldn't see it again. Back to dandelions! A few minutes later, here came the tractor sound again. We went back to watch, and this time after turning around, the tractor stopped.

"Oh no, Mommy, is it broken?" asked Trevor.
"I don't know. Let's see what happens." I said.

Nope, not broken. A REALLY nice farmer (young and cute too!), saw us watching and stopped so the boys could check out the tractor!! Way cool. We walked out to the tractor, saw the planting mechanism, and seeds. Trevor was bummed to find out it wouldn't be corn this year, but soybeans (he even yelled at the farmer, "No, I want corn!"). We walked around the tractor, climbed on it, and everything. H just looked at all of this from the safety of my arms!! Girls!!

Boys in AWE...
Posing in the wheel! They were SO dirty, they loved it!!
Picking corn and checking things out!

Finally, it was time for the tractor to get back to work. We said goodbye, walked back to the safety of the grass and watched the tractor drive away. "Bye bye" both boys yelled at it. Then Trevor looked at me (holding H) and said, "Mommy, why does H only have one shoe?". Yes, one of her pink Crocs was missing!!! So back into the field we tramped looking everywhere for a bright pink shoe.

Thank goodness it was bright pink, right? Easy to find, right? Wrong!! We searched around all the dead old corn stalks and found nothing. I started to think I was gonna have to invest in a new pair of Crocs for a kid that isn't mine (mine wear knock-off's! I don't buy brand name anything!!) Eventually, we gave up and we walked back to the park. There in the middle of the dandelions was a bright pink Croc!!! Yay.... who knows how long ago she lost it, but who cares! We found it!!

After that, both Crocs went in the stroller, and so did she. Trevor got back on his bike and we prepared to go home for lunch. Only, Blake didn't want to get in the stroller. Fine, walk, I don't care. So he walked, the ENTIRE 1.25 miles home.....and never slowed down, stopped, or whined about it!!! Geez, talk about energy!!


Beth said...

That sounds like a fun day!

Elizabeth said...

Hannah would love to join the boys at that park someday, she loves to watch tractors! Sometime she can see the ones in the cornfields from the house and yells TRACTOR.