Wednesday, May 7, 2008

March of Dimes

Well, 10 days ago I did the March of Dimes...March for Babies. Yay me! I walked a 5K, at a pretty brisk pace, with 2 friends, while pushing the 2 boys. All in all it was a good day!

After a week of wonderful weather, the morning started out at about 37 degrees!! Yikes.....but I threw winter coats on the boys and blankets, and brought my earmuffs. We were ready! After all, I HAD to bring them. If only because it was my first chance to use my NEW double jogging stroller that I have wanted for like 7 months!!

While waiting for everything to begin we had lots of munchies. Correction, I had a donut, Blake had a granola bar, a banana, a donut, and pretzels (he had already had breakfast at home!)

After waiting for the opening ceremonies we were off. Getting through the crowd at the beginning was the tough part, but with two other "experienced" mom's, we knew how to get thru the crowd! Soon it was just us and the open trail. It had warmed up and walking got us warm too! We finished in under an hour, and thanks to Susan for pushing the stroller at least half way!

The walk was awesome, the weather turned out pretty good (it was supposed to rain and didn't), the stroller is fabulous to push, and the boys were really good. Blake slept the whole time, after he finished all his breakfasts!!! We finished up and hit the park for the boys to play, since they sat so nicely for the whole walk. Of course, the only pictures I got were of the kids at the park, but oh well.... I know I did the walk, even if there's no photos to prove it!

Thanks to ALL my friends and family who donated. I am proud to say I raised $250 without even trying very hard!! I'll plan to walk again next year too!!

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