Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's a....

Yes, today was the big day! No, I'm not just gonna spill it right here in the first line, you have to read the WHOLE POST!

This afternoon, hubby and I headed to the midwife's office for my 21 week ultrasound. Yes, it should have happened last week, but my work schedule conflicted greatly with the ultrasound tech's schedule... so we had to wait.

It's funny. With both the boys, we never planned to find out before they were born if they were boys or girls. I had no issue with that, neither did hubby. I never thought about 'cheating' at the ultrasound appointment, and I never regreted waiting to find out. With this baby, we have said for AGES, since long before we were actually pregnant, that we would find out. Maybe because it's the last baby (no matter what gender) or maybe because we already have 2 boys, and having a chance to find out if it was the same or different would make a difference (shopping, preparing the boys, etc.)

Whatever the reason, I have been DYING for today to come. Since last month's appointment, I have been couting the days, reminding hubby, and telling the boys that soon we'll know what kind of baby we're having. This morning went so SLOWLY! (So is this post, isn't it! At least for those of you who haven't cheated and skipped to the bottom already!).

Before we left home, Trevor told me he wanted it to be a boy baby. Blake just echoed Trevor, which is his style lately!

We got to the office a few minutes early, and waited about 15 minutes. Based on the number of people there, and past experiences at the office, that's not too bad. The tech came and got us and took us back. She started the ultrasound and found the baby pretty quick. Lots of good pictures (no video like the two boys tho) and views of the head, heart, spine, arms, legs, etc. Everything looks good, measures right, and seems to be just fine. The little feet were dancing away, and the tech called the baby "twinkle toes"... maybe a new nickname!

Then she asked the question... "Do you want to know what you're having?". And I about screamed "yes".... I finally got to say yes to that question! And our little one cooperated - amazing and probably the only time in life that will happen!


without any more waiting....




Yup! It's a girl. I will not be quite so outnumbered in this house anymore come April. We will add a little girl to the family!

We got home and told Grandma - who was ecstatic - and Trevor - who was less than thrilled. To be more accurate, he was downright distraught and upset. He threw himself to the floor (from a stool at the counter!), and just was bawling uncontrollably. He just kept saying "I wanted a boy". Nothing would calm him.

Half an hour, 1 tv show, and lots of mommy-cuddling later, he was much better. No specifc reasons came up that he wanted a boy, or didn't want a girl. Just pre-schooler logic (i.e. nothing!). We started to talk about him helping her to play t-ball when she's older, and look for worms, and suddenly a girl didn't seem so bad to him. I failed to mention the dolls, hair brushing, and dress-up stuff that may also take place... he can deal with that when he's older!

By bedtime, he was talking about what to get her for christmas. He wants to buy her a rocket ship. At first, I fully expected that statement to be followed by, "So we can send her to the moon!". But it was not! He actually wants to buy her a toy rocket. So, I think all is as normal as can be expected with Trevor.

As for Blake, he's not really sure what he wants -brother vs. sister. I think in time, i.e. after her birth, he'll realize he didn't really want either, as his status as "baby of the family" is gone and his life is about to turn upside down!

So, all in all, it's a great day here... we're happy it's a healthy baby, and excited it's a Girl!


Joanna said...


Having a baby sister is a really hard job. Trevor will have to look out for her, hence the whole not wanting a girl. It's a big job to take care of your baby sister. I just don't think he wanted the extra job when he gets older to watch out for her.

Jen said...


I scrolled down to find the answer before reading the post.. now i have to go back and read the beginning to get the full story..

How awesome! I was convinced that you only made blond haired boys.

Do you have any names in mind? I love your choices for trevor and blake's middle names.. i expect something equally as interesting and cute for your little girl..

:) congrats hick!

moo said...

congrats, how exciting!! And how in the world are you 21w already, woman!?! lol

so, so happy for you!

Angela said...

Yay!!! Now I'll just have to wait with bated breath until her arrival to find out the name.

Congratulations on your little and very healthy little girl!!!

Greg said...

Congratulations, I know this is something you are really excited about, and I am so glad you shared it with all of us (via your blog). How exciting.

Benny said...

I did the same thing after finding out that I had a THIRD younger sister. But I was something like 8 years old at the time.