Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blake's Birthday Cake Tribute

Back in July, I did a tribute to the birthday cakes daddy has made for Trevor. Now of course, I must do the same for Blake.

2006: Blake turns 1. Daddy picks the cake theme as B doesn't really seem to care yet. Trev had lots of ideas, but this was daddy's choice - and since he bakes them, he gets to choose!
2007: Blake turns 2. The theme for this cake and party was not a tough guess at all! What else could it be???

2008: A cake will be made for his kid party which is sometime in January (no it's not all planned yet, I'm too busy with christmas and being pregnant! Who picked this time of year to have a kid!).... so you'll have to wait and see what the theme is!!

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Bridget Eaton said...

So after going back and checking out all of the cakes I must say they are awesome! Your husband does a great job! Cracks me up because my husband started making cakes for the kids too. Hooray for baking husbands!