Monday, December 8, 2008

Things Lost During Move

Okay... so if you're reading this, you discovered I moved the blog, or changed the URL at least.

I've been pondering this for privacy reasons since I'm trying to remove the family name from the internet. When you have a first name as unique as mine, putting the whole first and last name out there on the 'net means that anyone can find you and find your address. That can be bad!!

So update your blog roll, your bookmarks, whatever it may be. And could ya update the title of the blog too, so the family name is really gone!? Thanks!!

Anyway... in the moving, I lost my blog roll. I've tried to reconstruct my list of blogs I follow, but I know they're not all there! So, if I lost you, I apologize. Post a comment and leave me your URL and I'll add you back right away!! Sorry!!

And wow... as I just noticed, this is my 100th post. Talk about exciting!!!

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