Thursday, December 18, 2008

Naughty or Nice... how about 1/2 nice?

For weeks, Trevor has been telling me adamantly that he doesn't need to go see Santa. After all, Santa is magic and can see Trevor writing his Christmas list and so he already knows what Trev wants, so why bother to go see him and sit on the lap of a stranger.

Interesting theory, and one that I don't really know how to respond to. I tried pointing out to him, that even tho he can leave messages on a phone for someone (like Grandma) they still like to see you in person and talk to you. Nah, he's not buying that one. I tried telling him that santa would want to talk to him about which gift on his list he would REALLY like, and if he's been good etc. No dice.

Suddenly, I remembered that Santa has a little cottage in the town Grandma lives in, and he's there every night. So, I suggested to the boys that we could go see Santa in Grandma's town, and Grandma could come with us. Bingo! Jackpot! That was the ticket. Blake was instantly sold on going, and if B is going to do it, so is T (and vice versa!). So tonight we will go see Santa with Grandma.

T is now VERY excited about going to see Santa. Heck, you would think it was his idea all along, and I've been stopping him! So on the way home from school, we had the following conversation:

T: I'm excited to see Santa today! I can't wait that long.
Me: So what are you going to ask him for?
T: You silly goose, he already knows what's on my list!
Me: But I bet he'd like to know what 1 thing you'd really, REALLY like from your list.
T: Well... R2-D2 is what I'd really like.
Me: Okay. And if he asks you if you've been good this year, what will you tell him?
T: That's I've been half good. I didn't get to play Wii sometimes. [Note: If he has a bad day, there is no playing of the Wii allowed before bed.]


T: So I only get half the presents since I've been half good!!

I was dying laughing!! I absolutely adore 4 year old logic! And I didn't even suggest any of that idea. It was all him.

And to think a few weeks ago, I was worried he wasn't getting the idea of the spirit of Christmas because he wanted no gifts for anyone except him!!! Oh, what a sweet sweet boy!

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