Friday, December 5, 2008

T + B = Sick

Well, it's officially winter, cause we're sick. 3 out of 4 of us, at least. I guess technically, 3 out of 5, since I'm fine (and therefore so is the Tater Tot!) - knock on wood!!

Blake has had a hacking cough for a while now, but that was all. I attributed it to the weather change coming home from Vegas on Turkey Day. Well, then Trev started hacking a few days later. other symptoms, and acting TOTALLY normal.

Thursday morning, Blake's hacking cough scared me.... I was waiting for a lung to come out of his mouth!! And Trev got up and said, "I don't think I should go to school." Now not wanting to go to school is not new for him, but his next statement was, "I think we should go to the doctor." Something he NEVER wants to do!!

So we went to the Dr.... both of them. And the surprising result, Trev was fine, and B has an ear infection. The Dr says something like, oh and T will probably get it by Monday since he's a few days behind on the other symptoms. Just call us when he gets it, don't rush to the ER over the weekend.

So, we get the antibiotics and try to rest/relax at home. They're still both acting totally normal, and B says his ear doesn't hurt. (The dr did say that the cough was related to the ear infection-I don't quite understand how but I don't have an M.D. after my name-just 30 years personal experience with ear infections!!).

Today, they still both have the cough, but otherwise seem fine. I go to work, and later get a message that Trev is complaining about his ear, and is "inconsolable".

So I call the Dr office. The receptionist, after listing to the fact that I was there yesterday, says oh well, too bad, we still have to see T to determine what's wrong before we can prescribe. Standard answer, no surprise. So I ask to talk to the Dr who calls me back. And I repeat to her, and remind her that she saw us yesterday and that she expected this. She says yes I did. But we still have to see him!!!! GRRRRRR!

From 3-4:30 pm, T bawled, wanting Mommy. I came home from work, and he was attached to me from then on, still bawling for about 2 more hours. At 7 pm they saw him, and what do you know??!?! T has an ear infection. Gee, surprise! I swear if I get billed for 2 dr office visits for him, I'm calling their billing gal and giving her a piece of my mind. Each visit was less than 10 minutes, but I'm sure each will cost me $150 or so! (Oh, and we had to go out in 15 degree weather-real temp-don't know what the wind chill is!).

And Steve is sick...which NEVER happens (even less often than me!). So, it's a happy house to be in. Given that I'm not sick, I'm tempted to run away and leave because being sick while pregnant...SUCKS! You can't take any good drugs, I'm already somewhat uncomfortable, and I'm still expected to take care of my 4 kids (I'm counting Steve and Tater Tot there!).

How are you doing???


Erin said...

Oh sounds like the week before Adalyn was born. It started with Colin puking and a few days later diarrhea. Then Drew followed suit. Then Dan. Shockingly I didn't get sick at all!!

Hope they are feeling better soon!!

Angela said...

Lucky you. Nathan had a cough for probably 1-2 weeks but then it got worse just before Thanksgiving. He probably picked up another cold. complete with a fever that made it's appearance as we were sitting down to eat Thanksgiving Dinner. And now the rest of us are sick, including Noah. Yucky!!!

Hope the little guys feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

the best thing for ear infection is the eardoc. it is a non invasive medical device and it treats the problem rather then the symptom.

Welcome to our life. said...

Awwww, man! That stinks! I'm sorry to hear that the guys are sick. And, nothing is worse than a "Man Cold." Well, that's what they think, at least.

Hope they're feeling better soon and that you don't catch anything!