Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Big Boys Live here!

Tuesday brought a momentus occasion to our household. Blake started preschool! And in true Blake style, his first day was nothing like Trevor's first day!!

For a few weeks, I've been reminding Blake that after his birthday, he would be starting school with Trevor. Trevor is in the Blue Room and Blake will be in the Red Room. So they'll be at the same place, but with different kids and teachers.

Monday night, Blake went to bed excited, thinking about getting up and going to school. Tuesday morning, they were both up and raring to go. T has missed school friends, as it's been 2 weeks since he's been there, and B was just plain excited.

We got to school, walked in the door, and B dropped his coat and was off! I got him back enough to hang up his coat, but that was it!! He knows the school kids routine so well, just from seeing it when we drop T off. He walked over to the cabinet, picked out an activity, took it to the rug and started working on it (exactly what he's supposed to do!). That was it... he was at school, didn't need me, and was ready to go! Trev hung up his coat, came back to the Red Room (where all the kids start out in the morning), and sat down to work with Blake.

I spent a moment watching them, and talking with the teachers. Trevor took a brief moment to run over and give me a hug and kiss goodbye. But not Blake! He was done with me, didn't need me, wasn't worried about me leaving, and was happy as a clam. He's SO different than his brother sometimes!

I spent the next 2.5 hours, having coffee and chatting with my girlfriends!! Yay me!

When I came back to pick them up, they both were happy to see me, both had a great day, and both were excited for to come back!

The only downside to Blake starting school, he doesn't understand why today only Trevor goes to school! He was more upset about dropping T off this morning and leaving to come home with me, and T was upset that B wasn't staying. But that's how it goes....2 days a week for 3-year-olds, and 3 days a week for 4-year-olds!!

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