Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Why do they call it a 24-hour virus? Here are the real numbers:

2 pm Tuesday: the last time I ate real food
10 hours: the amount of time I spent not being able to keep ANYTHING in my systemincluding water
10 hours: the amount of time I spent trying to sleep last night
5 hours: the actual amount of sleep I got last night, in mostly 30 minute chunks
20 hours: amount of time I've spent lying on this couch trying to recover
6: number of pounds I've lost in have a 24-hour virus

That last number is not making me happy. I'm that weird pregnant girl who never looks as pregnant as she is (mostly due to my height) so losing 6 pounds does not make me happy. It probably took me 6-8 weeks to gain that weight! Now I've got to do it again, and try to gain more too.... because the doctors are always worried about how little weight I gain. Even though I eat practically EVERYTHING that comes into my line of sight.

And as I'm sure I've griped about before, being sick when pregnant sucks!!! More specifically, puking when pregnant really sucks! I totally feel for all those women out there who suffer morning sickness, and I appreciate how lucky I am not to have dealt with it much at all with any of my pregnancies. There were points yesterday when I seriously thought if I puked again I was going to deliver a baby via my mouth. (Which, incidentally is where Trevor thinks the baby comes out!!!).

So I'm debating dinner options.... mac & cheese or chicken noodle soup? Hmmm... maybe both?

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Angela said...

ICKY SICKY!! Hope you're feeling better now =)