Friday, January 2, 2009

Quoteable Holiday Moments

While there is tons that I could or should blog about regarding the past 10 days of holidays, friends, family, visitors, and more.... I just can't figure out where to begin.

But at least I will share some of my most favorite quotes that have been said by the boys the past few days!!

Usually, at 7 am the boys call down the hallway to me, "Mommy, we come to your room now?" And they come in my bed and watch tv for 1/2 an hour or an hour until I get in the shower. While my parents were visiting it shifted to:

Boys: "Mommy, we come to your room now?"
Me: "Yes"
Boys: "Mommy, we go downstairs with Pa-Hugh now?"
Me: "Yes"
and they were gone.... and I was back asleep in 2.5 seconds!!! Pure Joy!!

Tuesday we drove to the mall to get hair cuts and then go see the great Christmas lights nearby. On the drive there...

Trevor: "Mommy, drive faster!"
Me: "Why?"
Trevor: "Because I can feel my hair growing!"

Daddy has been looking at 2007 photos on the computer and sorting, cleaning up, and getting ready to archive them. Trevor was sitting with him for a while one day watching the old movies and photos.

Daddy: "Do you remember that?"
Trevor" "I have SO many things in my brain, I can't remember!"

Note: Sorry kid, it's only gonna get worse from here!!

At our New Year's Eve gathering, Daddy's sister helped the boys' cousin Amy, get a New Year's tiara and lei. The boys saw her...

Blake: "I need a tiara!"
Trevor: "Where's my bling?"


Angela said...

We gotta stop shopping for blog layouts at the same site...LOL!

I love the "Bling" quote the best. I think T has been watching MTV Cribs or something when you're not around. Where the heck did her learn that slang?

Erin said...

I'm laughing so hard right now!!

The Hills said...

Where do children come up with these things? Feeling their hair growing faster! Lol!