Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Photos

So it's 6:45 am.... why am I blogging?

Well, I slept like cr@p, I was supposed to babysit a friends kids who would arrive at 6:20, but at 6:05 she texted me to say her hubby wasn't working today so I get the day off! While yay for that, I am bummed to be up and showered and dressed. I'll be taking a nap for sure today!!

Anyway... since I'm up and the kids aren't (rare!!). I figured I should post all the Christmas pictures that haven't made it up here yet! So a compliation of our various holiday celebrations!

Our, very successful, visit to see Santa earlier in the month

Helping Daddy make the gingerbread house!
Christmas morning, opening movies from Santa

Christmas morning playing with the Play-Doh ice cream factory Blake got!
Opening (more) Hot Wheels tracks that they got at Grandma's

Helping distribute the gifts

Reading one of our new books with Mam-gu

It's funny. My folder of photos contains 118 pictures of various Christmas festivities... and these are the best ones of my kids! All the rest are blurry, full of their backs, show only wrapping paper, etc! There is not one decent picture of the two of them in their cute matching holiday shirts, or any of the 4 of us! Oh my!!!

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moo said...

I hate that last minute cancellation as much as I love it, lol.

Hope you got your nap!