Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quoteable Moments

Tonight we opened the Christmas presents from my brother Tim. While Tim was here just after Christmas, it seems that Amazon misunderstood his request for Expedited Delivery (and his extra payment) that guaranteed the gifts would arrive on 12/27. The gifts have arrived over the last few days, and finally the last one got here today.

So after dinner we opened.... a Wii game for Daddy, Monopoly Here & Now for Mommy (the only Monopoly recieved this year!), Hi Ho Cherry-O for Blake, and a Lego Star Wars vehicle for Trevor.

Trev was thrilled, Blake was thrilled. Each started to play, with help from one of us. A few minutes later, Blake has Hi Ho Cherry-O set up, and is ready to play. The following conversation was recorded in its entirety with no editing from Mommy or any one else...

Blake: "When are you gonna be done?"

Trevor: (completing step 3 of 16 in building the Lego vehicle) "Probably never!"

It was hilarious (and totally unprompted! I swear!)

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