Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blake's 3rd Birthday Party & Cake

So last Friday we had Blake's 3rd birthday party with some friends. It was a small gathering but the kids all had a grand time. Nothing major to note, just some great pics and of course, the reveal of THE CAKE by Daddy. Enjoy!!

The birthday boy enjoying some munchies
The kids having pizza
The Cake: Thomas the Tank Engine
2 layers of chocolate fudge cake with cherry filling
4-5 hours to bake, cut, and decorate

The wheels are iced vanilla wafers (what a creative idea Daddy!). True Thomas fans will know that Thomas only has 3 wheels on each side, but the scale of this cake required 4. It was just more yummy wafers for the kids to eat!

The boys eyeing the cake
Blake enjoying the cake:


The "twins" exploring their goody bags (seriously, can you tell who's who?)A little tired after the party:

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Angela said...

Looks like I missed a great party and some yummy cake too. Bummer!! Happy Belated Birthday little (or should I say BIG) man!!!