Sunday, January 25, 2009

Names we won't name the baby

Last night we had a few friends over for a game night. We played a variety of games and had a great time. During the evening, we did have a rather eye-opening moment in regards to naming the baby.

We were playing a trivia game called Smart Ass. Great game by the way. The game gives you lots of clues going from general to more specific and the other people have to guess the answer. The answer to the clues had already been guessed and it was Walt Disney. But there was a clue remaining unread that I wanted to share with everyone. The clue said "His most famous character was originally named _______________". I waited to see if anyone in the room new what Mickey Mouse was originally named. When no one guessed it, I told them the answer, "Mortimer Mouse".

(The next few things happened at light speed.) Then I looked across the table at hubby and said, "Well, if this baby is a boy after all, maybe we could name him Morty!". I was TOTALLY KIDDING! TOTALLY!!! Hubby, and friends, looked at me like I was crazy, TOTALLY crazy! I promptly received a swift HARD (pointed even) kick in the lower abdomen. I grabbed my pregnant belly and exclaimed "Ow!".

At first, I thought hubby had done it as if to reinforce that the name "Morty" was totally insane and out of the question. Then I realized there was NO WAY he could have kicked me under the table and hit me that high up in the belly (he would have been able to reach my knees and that's about it!) That's when my face went from pain to utter SHOCK! This kid had kicked me, and kicked me hard, to make sure that I knew the name "Morty" was definitely out of the question. That or else, to reinforce that she really is a girl and I don't have to worry about her being a boy!

It was a hilarious few moments. Everyone at the table realized I had been kicked and we all thought it was hilarious that the baby obviously had her own thoughts about being named "Morty". We couldn't stop laughing!! I was just SO shocked to get such a hard, timely message from this little person!!!

So, in case you were wondering, both the names Mortimer and Morticia are definitely OFF the list of potential baby names!!

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moo said...

or maybe baby girl LIKES the name Mortimer, lol!