Monday, June 2, 2008

T-ball Week 3

T-ball week 3 was much like weeks 1 and 2. However it was also picture day. While this played havoc with the schedule, that's about all it did. Not really interesting for the average reader.

During practice, Trevor again took great pride in his throwing ability, throwing it way past all the other kids he was supposed to throw too. So, the coach decided it was time for Trev to practice batting. As much as he wants to hit a homer, he's just not quite there, so coach was happy to have him practicing that!

We did play a game, versus the Blue team (we are the Light Blue team....don't get confused!). On the Blue team is a friend of Trevor's from pre-school (who I jokingly refer to as his 'girlfriend'). They'll go to all 15 years of school together (pre-k thru 12) as long as neither family moves, so I doubt she'll ever be his actual girlfriend as they'll know each other too well for that!!!

But at this age, it's funny to watch them. Trevor was in the field first, and as she ran from 1st to 2nd base, she waved, stopped and said hi! Then coach yelled, so she ran to second. After running home, she stopped and talked to me about how she talked to Trevor, again until a coach told her to go sit down. When Trevor was running the bases, after batting, they chatted and waved again. And after the game they had fun checking things out while her mom and I talked.

You can't see it in the glare, but she's #1 and he's #2, and it made me think of Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss.

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