Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quality Time with Blake

As is often the case, child #2 seems to get the short end of the stick. I felt awful SO many times when B was young that I didn't have the energy, time or ability (since he's #2) to spend 1-on-1 time with him. I tried to make myself feel better that WHEN T went to school, we would have our mornings. Alone. Together. Last year it was 2 days a week, now it's 3. Promising thoughts. This is what our quality time amounted to this morning...

We drove home from school, the LONG way, spending 1/2 an hour to save $0.30 a gallon on gas. (I paid $3.01 and filled up for less than $60 for the first time in who knows how long.) Maybe the price of gas was worth it, but the loss of 1/2 an hour....not so sure. Then we got home and came up to the office. This is standard procedure for most school mornings. B 'works' at his desk, and I work at mine. Usually, after a while, B is in my face asking for computer time, wanting to play his "Thomas" game. And he usually gets to, since when both boys are home, he doesn't get much time on the PC.

Well, this morning I had tons of work catch-up to do, and lots of personal stuff too. So, here's the educational, valuable, enriching activity that B took on.

He found a roll of yarn in his craft stuff, and decided to make a spiderweb. It was a wonderful spiderweb.... just maybe in a poor location (such as a hallway, where Mommy wants to walk to get out of the office eventually!). Taz joined in the fun and played with the web making it more twisted together.... but she would not cooperate for the photo shoot (darn cats!).

Oh well, it was easy to clean up, although we're not bothering to un-tangle it!! At least it wasn't paint or crayon on the wall, right? And I'm sure he had some educational 'ah-hah' moments while constructing it, right???

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