Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Name Needed

Okay....we need a name.

No, not for the baby....Not yet at least.

I feel the need for a new name for the blog.

A: the current name is boring
B: i'm feeling the urge to privatize this just a little bit. Between my name, and the name of this blog, and weirdo out there could find me and family in a heartbeat, and lately that's been weighing on my mind.

But....I'm useless at creative names. Hence the original name of this blog!! So, suggestions.... PUH-LEASE!!

I keep thinking it should be something more like my tagline below the title, but I know other blogs have already used that. Or it should be something about the fact that I'm outnumbered by all the men in this house (maybe that will change with this baby??). But I need help and suggestions!!


Jen said...

look no more...

"Hick Hangout"

seriously.. it doesn't get much cooler than that.. :) um.. your other readers will think this is a slam.. *chuckle*

my take is that you should try to pick a name that you think you can stick with over the years.. it's hard to build a following and the last thing you want to have to do is change your blog title with each kid (like yours truly.. if i'm ever so lucky.. things are finally moving on that front again though..)

you also might want to think if you want to be labeled as a "mom blogger".. is the blog specifically just a place to post information and updates about the kids.. or do you want to use it as your own outlet for other topics.

i'm a sucker for numbers.. i would suggest something based on the number 3 for each of the kids.. the 3 amigos.. you get the idea. of course.. i suck at coming up with good titles too.. hense "hick hangout"

i totally support going private.. i've been slowly morphing that direction and may go through all of my postings someday and change all of the "Bens" to "Svens"

congrats on the heartbeat! yay! boo on the long wait at the doc's.. boo!

moo said...

I'm terrible at blog names too, thus my uninspired blog name, lol.

But maybe "not playing with a full deck of cards" or "I'm all in" or some other casino reference. Lame, I know.

Elizabeth said...

When I was trying to come up with mine, I wrote all our names down on a piece of paper and tried to piece together letters and stuff then thought about the names and our life and it just kinda came to me...not much help, I know, but maybe an idea to start with...

misstj said...

I don't really have any serious suggestions that are contemporary and relevant to your family. But if you're interested in a silly throwback to the old college days, I can help you there! If you want to keep the family name in the blog, how about "Kappels Are Like Snowflakes", "Dang Kappels", "Action Kappel: Who the
Hell Am I?" or just KKkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyy". If you don't want or need the family name to be included, how about "The Exploding Fruitcake" or
"Park Place: Oh, Wait... That's Not You"?

Benny said...

Steve Urkel Fan Club