Sunday, October 12, 2008

The REAL reason I haven't been blogging...

Well, I've come up with MANY different excuses in the last few weeks of why I haven't been blogging. None of them are the real reason. But until now, I was VERY reluctant to share the real reason.

I've also been thinking about and planning this particular post in my head for weeks and weeks. Wondering just what the right way was/is to make the announcement.

So....any guesses yet? Y'all tired of me waffling on and not making any point.

Well, we're THRILLED (words don't even do justice) to announce that Baby Kappel #3 is on the way! He/She is due to arrive April 26, 2009!!!

We've kept this under wraps until today because I'm now at the 12 week mark, and theoretically past most chances for bad things happening. My confidence level in this pregnancy making it has risen dramatically over the last few weeks, and will really get a boost on Wednesday, when I FINALLY hear the heartbeat at the midwife's office. (Love the midwife - not always a fan of less technology! I'm sure my old OB could have heard it at about 8 weeks, but they drive me nuts and it's not worth it just for that!).

This is one of my methods of announcing this pregnancy. I've thought of a billion others in the last 3 months. It's been hard not to announce it, but I will say this... Those of you who have asked me point blank if I am, I have not lied to you. If you've hinted around me expecting...well now you know!! My Halloween costume will be a second announcement of things to come. So stay tuned for photos!!

For those of you that know how strangely my brain works, I will also share this lovely mathematical fact with you. I have 2 VERY close friends -from grade school) and 1 cousin born in April (They are the only 3 birthday's I can name off the top of my head in that month. There may be others, but not that I can remember off the top of my head. SORRY!). The three birthdays are: April 3, April 12 and April 17. (Now here's the strange part of my brain working...) If you add April 12 and April 17, you get April 29; then subtract April 3; and you get April due date.

So that's what I've been doing instead of blogging.... figuring out weird April birthday math, sleeping, and growing a baby!!


Angela said...

Well I know I already said it, but CONGRATS again!!

Guess it's time to go shopping for that Sienna you have your heart set on and now have the BEST reason to buy one =)

I cannot express how THRILLED I am for you!!!!

Jen said...

hey hick.. YAY! thank god man! i thought you had been strangely quiet lately. i'm so happy for you guys (and happier that you made it past the first trimester)..

April is a good month.. ben was conceived on the 29th.. see if you can work that into your math equations!

can't wait to meet your little girl (i'm going out on a limb and guess that #3 won't be another beautiful blonde boy.. :)

also can't wait to see the halloween costumes.. i can only imagine!

Erin said...

Phew! Congrats again!! I'm so happy for you guys...maybe you'll follow my path and finally get that girl after 2 boys!!

Miss you guys so much!

Erin said...

Oh yeah...time for "slide em up doors" or whatever Trevor calls them on my van!! :)

moo said...


How wonderful! I know you WANTED to be pregnant ... you must be over the moon!

Tina said...

What wonderful news!! SO happy for you all!