Monday, October 20, 2008


So, I still love Dancing with the Stars... but I'm not always gonna blog about it. Tonight however, I must. I must register my frustration with the show.

I was SO excited to hear they were going to do 4 new dances tonight. Dances that I figured would make people like my mom, and my mother-in-law watch the show. Except they are BOTH on vacation, so I doubt that it worked!! But 4 cool new dances in fun, different generes. I figured since they were new, we might even get to see pros (not ones on the show) show us how the dance should be done. Well, they didn't do that, and that makes it hard for the audience to judge, since we've never seen these dances before. But that isn't my biggest beef with the show this week.

Why am I frustrated? Because they give Lacey a dance that she is a champion in, and that her father is a champion in, while they give Derek, Julianne, Cheryl and others a dance they've never taught before! How is that fair? Give Lacey something she doesn't know, like Hustle, and give someone else the West Coast Swing so that everyone is on uneven footing!! It's just not quite right.

I guess the flip side is, that she didn't take advantage of that head-start, and is in fact tied for last place. Now I don't want to see her and Lance go home. I really thought he had a great week last week, even though I hold 'NSYNC against him! He's finally learning how to mix being an original, and not following the commonly taken route, with what has to happen in a classic ballroom dance. Now this! Oh well!

Will Cloris finally go home?? Somehow I doubt it. I think she's been trying harder these last two weeks, but when it comes down to a dance COMPETITION (which it is Carrie Ann!), I find it hard to keep her as a serious competitor.

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