Monday, October 6, 2008

Apples and Dancing, and Cubbies, Oh My!

Well, another week and a lack of blogging. I'm really slacking here aren't I? No new excuses, see last week's post for my pathetic list of reasons!

Anyway, I must do a little update, mostly on my reality TV watching.

Amazing Race....good episode. Sorry that we didn't lose either the blondes, or the newly dating couple-Terrence and Sarah.

The blondes drove me a little nutty with the boat challenge.....if you don't think you can do it, fine....go do the other one!!

The divorcees, Kelly & Christy, drove me CRAZY with their lack of reading-skills.... geez! How many more clue blunders can you make in an episode.

But Terrence & Sarah took this cake this week. Seriously, he's got issues....a baby after the cab trunk hit him in the head-demading 'mothering' from Sarah; over-emotional in line for the airplane (not that Tina wasn't a PITA!); rude to Sarah constantly; goes the wrong way leaving the detour and then has a fit in the middle of town; and they end up coming in third!!! GEEZ... I could stand to see them leave!!

I quite enjoyed DWTS tonight. My favorite 4: Lance & Lacey-I'm glad they went traditional, Maurice & Cheryl, Warren & Kym-god he can dance, and Brooke & Derek. It was sad to see Misty go, and I hope she'll recover and come back to jive on a future season results show. Sorry to say, it's still time for me to see Cloris go. I don't really appreciate her humor and bottom line it's a dancing competition and she didn't do much dancing!


As for baseball..... Damn the Cubs. What a depressing end to a phenomenal season. And when my darling, but sports inept, husband says to me, "Why are you surprised? It's been 100 years!", I want to smack him!! Aside from that response, I think it's harder for me this year because they were so good and so consistent all season long. To go 3 and out is just killer. Add to that 9 straight post-season losses, well.... 'nuff said. Trevor is bummed, and if he continues as a Cubs fan, I guess he'll learn that is a way of life.

Finally.... on a much more interesting note, and less TV related. The boys and I enjoyed a gorgeous fall day picking apples. We picked a 1/2 bushel....that's a lot of apples! And had a great time. We met friends there, and thank god they brought cameras, cause I forgot. So pictures will be coming soon. Trevor ate about 3 apples, while picking, and Blake probably 2. They adore this kind of stuff, and now I just have to figure out what to make with so many apples!!!


Erin said...

We need to go apple picking again...we are all out finally! Colin ate the last one this morning! I'll be looking for pictures! MISS YOU GUYS!

moo said...

apple sauce, apple pie, apple cobbler, apple brown betty, apple pancakes, apple muffins, apples with cheese ... mmm I love apples.

Angela said... pie. I can't wait to go apple picking!! Long is taking Friday off and were heading to Royal Oak Farm in Harvard.