Monday, October 27, 2008

No Beer for the Baby

This is one of many posts I have longed to write about this topic. Today, as Blake napped, Trevor and I had a phenomenal conversation. We've had a few of these in the last few months, but since I wasn't publicizing the pregnancy, I wasn't able to blog about them. Now I can....YAY!!

This afternoon, I sat here at the computer, as I usually do when Blake is napping, with Trevor alongside. Most of the time he'll do a 'project' at his desk (cutting, coloring, etc.) for a while, before demanding requesting his turn on the computer. Today, when his requests were being ignored, he climbed up in the desk chair behind me and sat behind me, hugging me. I casually pointed out to him that he was hugging the baby. He hugged and squeezed a little tighter. I told him he was turning her (yes, I refer to the baby as a girl WAY too often!) into lemonade, since this week she is the size of a lemon. He thought this was hysterically funny, and sqeeezed some more, until I moved him to my lap instead!

He proceeded to talk about the baby, and how big she is, how she's not coming out until after Easter, when she's as big as a watermelon, and so on. He and I have had these conversations for a while now, and I know he enjoys them. At times he tells me, he can't wait that long for the baby, but I think for him it's important that he has time to get used to the idea of another child. He's a kid who NEEDS time to adjust to new things!!!

We talked about her for a while, and proceeded to switch over to talking about him as a baby, and the things he knows about that time. He knows he was in my belly first and that after he came out, Blake was in there. He knows that he came out 'upside-down' (as in face up), and that he had a squished nose because of that. He knows that she has a cord that goes to her belly button and that's how she eats, and that he too had a cord when he was inside. In fact, the other night at dinner, I was wiped from work and asked hubby for a beer-JOKINGLY!! Trevor told me I couldn't have a beer because then the baby would have a beer, and she wasn't old enough!!! How smart!!

And then he started wanting to know more about him as a baby. So, we went downstairs and found the work-in-progress that is his baby book. Hmm... Trevor is about 4 1/4.... in the baby book, he's just come home from the hospital! Oopsies! I do have all the 'stuff' for the baby book put aside in a tupperware tub (and Blake's stuff in his own tub) but I have not found the motivation or time to work on the baby books much in a LONG time.

We opened the book, and saw pictures of me pregnant, me in the hospital, ultrasound pictures (he really liked those!), Trevor just minutes after birth and so on.
He loved the tiny hat that he wore in the hospital and begged to try it on. It just barely fit, and kinda looked like a nylon stocking on the head of a robber it was so tight!! Funny!

We found the wrist bands that I had to wear and that he wore, and he was STUNNED how small it was! (So was I....*sob*).

He found the baby footprints that they put in the book, by stamping his foot, and pushing on the paper. He put the book on the floor and stood next to his baby footprints. The tiny print goes from his heel, to about the middle of the arch of his foot. He was shocked!! He pointed out to me what a BIG boy his is, just based on that!

He was confused by the pictures right after birth, that he was messy (something he hates to be!). And he was even more confused to see the clamp on the umbilical cord, and the scissors. He's known for about a month that the baby eats through a cord, and the he had a cord, and that's why he has a belly button. But apparently, what happened to that cord when he came out, never occured to him. He was shocked that we would cut the cord. And save the scissors!! And save the little dried piece of belly button that FINALLY fell off! He was very worried and sad about this-momentarily (as 4 year olds are!). Then, recovering quickly, he asked if he could cut the cord when the baby comes out. That question left me stuttering, as to why not, and why he wouldn't be there, and I quickly distracted him with other pictures!!! (whew!)

So, my sweet boy, continues to grow up....

PS... This post, in part, is inspired by my dad. Who shocks me by reading my blog (shocks, only becuase my dad and the computer just don't go together in my head), and then sending me wonderful, touching comments. Reminding me, that the original reason for my blogging, is much more of a personal, journaling intent so that I can look back on fond memories, years down the road. Thanks for reading Dad, and thanks for commenting.

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The Hills said...

So sweet! Isn't it a hoot what comes out of their mouths? They can be so smart!