Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trevor's Birthday Cake Tribute

Since Trevor's first birthday, Steve has been hand making all of his cakes. Completely home making, all decorations and frosting etc. It's all him. Every party, all the mom's of the kids at the party "oooh" and "ahh" and turn to me, and say "How did you do it?", and every time I point to Steve.... it's all him.

It all started because Steve has great memories of his mom making him home made cakes in various shapes as a kid. All kinds of cakes for him (rocket ships).....and just once he would have liked a store bought cake. By the time Steve's brother Tim (kid #3) came around, all he got was store bought cakes....and just once he would have loved home-made cake!! See parents, you can never win!!

Anyway....Steve decided to try it out for Trevor's first birthday, and a tradition has been born. At first Steve picked the theme....

Year 1: A Lego Block. An easy way to start, and a toy that Trevor was already very into. He still loves them!

Year 2: A bulldozer cake for Trevor (oh and Kate and I got to share it with him!). T was big into trucks, so the bulldozer was chosen.
The blade of the 'dozer is a cookie, formed around a oatmeal container to give it that curl shape. It's held on with toothpicks and twisty licorice. The tracks were made with string licorice (finding black is hard!).

Year 3: Marty from Madagascar. By now, Trevor had a major opinion on what the cake and party theme woulD be. He loved the movie Madagascar, always wanted to visit Marty at the zoo (yes, all zebra's are named Marty, didn't you know?). So a Marty cake and Madagascar party it was!
Marty's teeth are made from mint life-savers cut into quarters, and his eyes are blue jelly beans with little dots drawn on. I was downright IMPRESSED with this cake.... I think it's Steve's best. He has other he made for Blake (so you'll have to wait until December!).

This year's cake, will not be made until Trevor's party which is next weekend (after our trip) so stay tuned for it. Can you guess what the theme will be??

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moo said...

Not a jenga cake? ;)

(Those cakes are AWESOME!)