Friday, July 25, 2008

The cost of childhood

Note #1: We have spent two of the last 4 evenings at the county fair (a seperate post and photos to come on that later).

Note #2: We have a patch of garlic chives (kinda like green onions) growing in our herb garden in the backyard that the kids pick and eat. They just call them onions.


Tonight, T & B are playing on the swingset. T keeps yelling at B, to go over and get something, over there. I'm not paying a whole lot of attention. When I go over there a little while later, here's the detailed conversation:

Trevor: Go over to the garden and get 3 onions.

Blake: Oh. Over there?? Why?

Trevor: It costs 3 onions to go on this ride. Don't you want to ride on the swing?

Blake: Oh. Yeah!

Trevor: Then get 3 onions, that's how much it costs!

Signs you've spent too much time at the fair lately!!!

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