Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello from DE!

We made it! We're in Delaware visiting my parents!

Yesterday was full of plane rides, 2 to be exact. Other than a small delay at the beginning the two flights were on-time, and the boys were pretty good. They LOVED watching other planes take-off, and they really liked our take-offs. Waiting to get off the plane....not so enjoyable! But since we were sitting at the back of the plane, we could watch the baggage get unloaded, and the plane get gas...pretty cool! Oh, and on the first trip, the very nice flight attendant arranged for us to visit the cockpit before we got off the plane. What a hit!

Once our second flight landed, it was off to car rental, and the drive-thru dinner on our drive to see Mam-gu and Pa-Hugh! The boys were super excited to get here, and didn't want to go to bed.....even tho it was about 10 pm eastern. I.e. WAY past bed-time. But eventually tiredness won out and sleep they did.

Today included, a walk around the block with Pa-Hugh, a random conversation with an old neighbor, birthday presents for Trevor and I, and a great BBQ with friends. At my request (thanks for accommodating me guys!), my group of friends out here (the Jesters) put together a casual BBQ get together. A large percentage of the group were there including 6 of the 7 kids of the group. They all played together really well, and the rest of us had lots to eat....great pie Tony!!! It was just a nice casual chance to hang-out with some good friends who I've known since college, but don't see very often at all! Thanks guys!!!

Tonight was birthday celebration number 2. Mam-gu made us (T & I) a cake, and we even got to sing and blow out candles. Cake and ice cream are always yummy.....I think Trevor is liking this multiple birthday celebrations too! (Oh, and he loves random birthday gifts-THANKS BETHER!!)'s off to the BEACH!!!!

Oh, and pictures come later, as I didn't pack the cord to upload them...oops!

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Jen said...

sounds like a blast.. i've been talking to "whao" again if you can believe that! it's amazing how fast the time has flown by.. we're all old now.. *laff* i hope to get down there sometime, but oh man.. it's just been tough financially and to justify traveling somewhere that doesn't involve family now that we're spread over so many states.