Thursday, July 24, 2008

3 more people

Yup, 3 more people got good news. A good long time friend, a new friend who has been thru much of what I've been thru, and a blog buddy. Me....not so much.

I'm happy for them all, really. But that's about all I have to say about that....

Maybe I should sell off all my old baby stuff that I'm saving for kid #3 and then I'll need it. Or maybe, I should just get drunk and go hang out in the backseat of a Chevy!!! At least that way, I'll have some fun!


moo said...

ok so wait ... you are TRYING to get pregnant? And you haven't been able to? Honey, I am so sorry. Here's hoping this is your month!

(and I've been meaning to say for awhile now ... that Blake's name sounds like a soap opera character. VERY romantic!)

Jen said...

dude.. first off.. i'm sorry. it didn't work for us last month either (we tried the whole sex thing.. nada!) *grin*.. i truly feel for you though and am right beside you in debating whether to toss stuff i've been holding on to.. urgh.

second.. is the long time friend my less of a long time friend too? if so.. wtf?!?! yay.. but what are the odds that it would finally work right before her surgery. crazy crazy.. of course.. that happened with you for trevor, didn't it?

join Facebook.. i need to share Pieces of Flair with you. If you join Facebook.. you'll know what I mean.

misstj said...

jj.... not a mutual long time friend. a less long-time friend than that, who now lives in Kuala Lampur (sp?). oh and long time friend should have had surgery yesterday....cross fingers!