Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Whew! What a weekend.... 2 parades, 2 sets of fireworks, 2 VERY tired little boys! We had a good time.

Trevor started off the festivities at camp making a hat and flag, and having his face painted.

Friday we went to the parade right here in our own town. Grandma and Aunt Kate joined us, but I forgot the camera. I'll add some of Grandma's photos later....she always has a camera on her, hence why she's called "the Paparazzi" by Trevor! The kids had a blast, filling their bags with candy, seeing all the fire trucks complete with sirens, and all the old tractors-very cool.

Later that night, Grandma and Aunt Kate joined us in the backyard for the local fireworks. Also quite exciting. While waiting for them to start, the boys played with glow sticks (a great cheap toy!), and caught lightening bugs in jars....reminding me fondly of my own childhood. The village fireworks were great, but 2 of the neighbors had their own to set off and they added a great second finale. After company went home and the kids to bed, Steve and I sat around the fire pit enjoying that and the neighbor's hard work!

Saturday we decided to head to the next town over's parade to watch with friends. Same firetrucks, tow trucks, and crazy cars made an appearance, but the boys were just as enthralled as the first time around. Not as much candy to be had, but that's fine...we've got more than enough to last us until Halloween!! Again, no photos!!

Saturday night we drove down to a work colleague of Steve's in the south suburbs (like 1.5 hours from here....still in Chicago-land!). Nice backyard barbecue, some sparklers, and more fireworks!!

Today....just a lazy Sunday at home... I watched the Cubs win (2 out of 3 baby...take that Cards fans!!), and I caught the end of Wimbeldon and saw Nadal beat Federer (finally!), and I saw some Olympic trials....geez I'm a couch potato!!! No pictures of that necessary!!

Hope you had a fun and happy 4th!!!

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