Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Photos

As I sit here downloading photos from the camera, I realize I have TONS of photos on there, never downloaded and posted as intended... OOPS!! Photos like:

Trevor on the SkyRide at Summer Fest last Monday.

The boys wearing their (FREE) race car helmets, also at Summer Fest. Once they put them on, I pushed the double jogger like a crazy lady (oh wait, I usually do that anyway....whew, now they're safe!)

Playing in Grandma's hammock (5/19)

Talking to Mam-gu (my mom) on the phone. (the goggles were a recent acquisition, and he wore them constantly for about 3 days!). (6/2)

Fishing in the flood in Grandma's backyard. Trevor later caught a tree! (6/20)

Strawberry picking (6/24)

I think that covers most of the oldies but goodies.... enjoy!

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