Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trevor's 4th Birthday Party

It's Saturday morning and I wake up hoping and wishing that the noises I thought I heard last night were not thunder and rain. But alas, they were! =( It was a wet, drizzly, cloudy morning, and it never really got nice. So, 17 kids would have to play INSIDE for Trevor's party!

Considering the sheer number of people in the house (approx 32), it was a great success!! We had tons of fun just playing with our toys, doing some un-structured craft projects, eating pizza and cake, and most of all, opening the pinata!!!

A full house:
Sharing chairs - Duke, Trevor, and Blake eating pizza

More chair sharing: Blake, Trevor and Conner ready for cake.
It's Pinata time:
Quick, everyone grab some candy!

Opening presents

Playing with two of their favorite presents
It was great to have so many friends here, and get a chance to play and celebrate together! Thank you all so much for celebrating with us!!!

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Erin said...

I want more yummy cake! Do you think he'll do a "going away" cake for me? LOL!!