Thursday, July 24, 2008

County Fair

Nothing says summer like going to the County Fair. The boys are REALLY into it for the first time this year. We've gone in the past, but because I wanted to. This year, Trev was asking when it was time for the fair, and the rides, and the "smash-up herbie" (that's Demolition Derby to the rest of y'all).

We ended up going twice to the fair....once for the Monster Trucks, and once for the Derby. Along the way, we saw the animals (cows are the most stinky, pigs the least, according to the kids!), went on some rides, had some yummy fair food, and saw some friends.

Loving the rides
Sharing a foot-long corn dog
Monster trucks in action

With lawn-mower races in between the action!
Cheering on one of the only female monster truck drivers in the country! Go Shelly!!
Trev and Blake playing at "cops and robbers"! Although, I would have expected Trev to be the cop!!
Demolition Derby in action

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