Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is TV her life??

Looking back at the last few weeks of blogging, the answer to the above question would be yes.

In reality, I've been working, sleeping, ferrying the kids to school, and trying to get out from under a bunch of stuff I put off while enjoying the summer. So, sorry that the blogging has been less than thrilling, and not much about the family. I'm not sure what me and the kids have done in the last few weeks that is really interesting or noteworthy. Oops!!

As for TV....

Biggest Loser - I thought this week's challenge - camping - was just interesting. It was SAD to me to see how uncomfortable all those people were out in nature, and that they couldn't think of any ways to exercise!!! DUH!!! I also thought the no-vote, lowest percentage sends one home was interesting. I guess if my team has to be split, I'd rather decide it with my partner, than have the rest of the teams decide it. I was sad to see either of the Yellow team go, but it makes sense to pick Jerry as his injuries were slowing him down.

Dancing With The Stars - Seriously! Cloris is still here. I'm sorry, I guess I just don't appreciate her humor, cause I find many of the moments on camera (such as the final 2 waiting to find out who would go home) painful and annoying vs. funny. I do think that Kim didn't do a great job and I was not a big fan/supporter of hers. I don't think she got my vote last night so I guess I'm part of why she went home. I thought she could have improved, but now we won't find out. Sad to see Mark go, he's a cutie!


A few random kid-ism's from the last few days:

While changing Blake's diaper, he points down and says "That's my pen!s". "Yes dear," I respond. His response, "I want 2 pen!ses!" HA HA!!! I think he just summed up what most men have been thinking their whole lives!!!

Trevor over the last 2 weeks, has been whinny each morning when he learns it's a school day. He fusses from wake up until I drop him at school and run out the door, leaving him crying (or nearly) and usually with a teacher holding him from clinging to me. Today, his friend Shayla told me after school that he stopped as soon as I left. So I asked Trevor about it in the car. He says, "I just cry to make you stay. I'm not really sad." GRRR.....kids!!!

I promise I'll try and have interesting life moments with the kids the next few days so I can have something besides TV to blog about. Oh wait, the playoffs start tomorrow.....nevermind!! No life for me, just CUBS!!!


Angela said...

Great title...LOL!!! I was just thinking the same thing.

Isn't preschool grand?! Today Nathan wet his pants. He went without a single accident last year, and decides 2 weeks into the school year that he's going to go in his pants. And wouldn't you know it, I stopped keeping extra pants and undies in his backpack this year. Thankfully the school had some extra undies and jeans, but seriously why didn't he pee when he woke up this morning...GRRRR!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trevor is such a stinker!!