Wednesday, June 4, 2008


At some point during the past weekend, (I can't remember when, it was busy and sue me!) the boys had a grand old time blowing bubbles. You know, the old standby bubbles! But they love it and can't get enough of it.

I will give big kudos to the person who invented the "bubble pipe" type thing (see below).....that lets you dip the end in a tray of bubble solution and blow into the other end creating TONS of bubbles. Not only can Blake do this on his own (and can't do the single 'wand'), but he loves the results of TONS of bubbles and doesn't get nearly as messy!!! Yay!!!

The bonus while bubble blowing this weekend....the cat was outside! She loves bubbles and loves to chase them, so the boys had an audience (besides me!) and I was off the hook to go do some yard work!!!

So here are some pics of my lovely garden. I finally got it all weeded, all the new mulch in, and everything pretty darn perfect for the moment! I've got a few more plants coming by mail that need to be planted, but that's about it..... now I just have to keep up on the weeds!

So, Mr Plant Bio-Chemistry professor that is my father, what do you think about your daughter's green (maybe only light- or pale-green) thumb?? I'm trying to keep things (besides weeds) growing here!!!

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moo said...

There is something magical about bubbles in the summertime. Since when Grayson blows, he mostly spits, we bought a cheap bubble maker machine. Endless fun! (for him ...)