Thursday, June 12, 2008


When I was pregnant with Trevor (4+ years ago-yikes!), we wanted to be surprised and didn't find out if we were having a boy or a girl. Many, many people asked us during the pregnancy, and initially the answer was a generic, "We don't know." or "We're not going to find out until the delivery." Some people are okay with this answer, others not so much (as if it's any one's right to choose/decide but the parents!).

(If you know my husband, this next part won't surprise you.) By about 6 months pregnant, we were both tired of the generic question and answer, and one day upon being asked "Oh, so what are you having?" by some curious by-stander, my hubby answered, "Oh, the Doctor said it might be a monkey!". And that became the new 'standard' response. We got laughs, strange looks, worried concern that we should consult a new doctor, the whole works. Eventually, we had both boys, and didn't know the gender of either until they arrived. I don't think we'll find out the gender of any future children either. We like the surprise!!

Since then, I have called both boys monkeys for ages, watching them get up to all kinds of tricks. But today, 4+ years after DH first labeled our children monkeys, it was proven to me, yet again, that they are, MOST DEFINITELY, monkeys!

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