Friday, June 6, 2008

It's raining, It's pouring....

The weather in Chi-town today, "Goofy!". That's not the weatherman's term for it, but Trevor's description.

It was SO dark this morning that they slept in until 7:45!! Woo-hoo!!! Just dark and overcast and rainy.....maybe it should do that more often, so they sleep in!! ;) As the morning went on, it lightened up, but was still slightly overcast, with threats of rain, and heated up noon it was about 85 and 90% humidity. Icky!

Since it was icky, we spent the morning at the gym. Great place for them to burn off energy, and they had a great time as always. We left close to lunch time and I realized how grossly sweaty Blake was. He's a little furnace (like his Dad) at the best of times, but put him in a gym running around like a maniac for 2+ hours and he's just GROSS!!! I didn't even want him in my car (but yes, I put him in!). Home we went, windows open, and had lunch. Grandma came to babysit, and I went to work. The weather still icky, scattered thunderstorms hitting here and there.

Upon returning from work at about 4 pm, both boys were hot(er), sticky, and stinky(er)! They wanted to play outside (why? it's 90% humidity....I don't wanna go out there!), and so we did. 5 minutes after getting out there, another scattered thunderstorm hit. And we.....stayed out in it! Yup, I just decided, what the heck! They needed a bath badly anyway, so why not stay out, play in the warm summer rain, and have a blast!!!

They adored it!! They splashed in every puddle they could find, walked in the gutters all the way to the drain at the corner and watched the water FOREVER! And when the rain stopped, they were sad! It stopped and started over and over, and each time it started was like opening a birthday present....both boys had such smiles on their faces (you'll have to imagine, as my camera was dry inside the house!!). It brought back memories of standing in the gutters on a warm summer night, when I was about 8, and just loving the feeling of that water rushing down the street to the drain. Such a nice thought.

Steve came home early from work, and wondered what they heck was wrong with all of us, but who cares!! Blake had a few interesting moments, where splashing wasn't enough and he wanted to drink the rain water, by licking it off the patio stones!! EWWWW!!! But we got past that soon enough! The whole time Trevor sang "It's raining, It's raining....." I kept trying to sing the next part (i.e. "the old man is snoring") but he wanted nothing to do with that!!!

I think, if it was only based on the hours of 4-5:30 pm today, I could win the "Coolest Mom of the Year" award. Well, maybe!!!

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