Sunday, June 29, 2008


Another great camping trip! Yay! We headed up to Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva. Not far from home, but somewhere we've never been (it's so close, we'll go one day!), and somewhere not flooded!!

We got there Friday after work and dinner, and set up camp. The boys were thrilled. They had their own little tent (to play in, not sleep) and their little chairs, and had their own camp almost! Steve and I joked that they were like 2 little old men sitting by the barber shop watching the world go by. Ironically, they were watching the campsite of 7 college girls..... oh it starts already!?!?

Saturday we went 'hiking'. I use the quotes as it wasn't rough, tough, long, or anything. But it was fun and pretty. Usually I carry the backpack with Blake in it, when he doesn't want to walk, but apparently, Trevor is going to take over this job!!

Our park stop along the 'hike'.
Steve's turn carrying B.
One of my 'favorite' Midwest things. Live Bait in a vending machine!! I saw one of these outside the grocery store not long after moving in with Steve and wondered how much of a hill-billy I had become!
We spent forever reading this sign. The top says you must have a WI fishing license, or be under 16 or lived in WI since 1927. But the bottom says you can only fish if you are under 16, or disabled, between the second Saturday in March thru (but not including) the last Saturday in April! Geez....who can fish when?? It's way to confusing. I need a Venn diagram or an Excel spreadsheet to tell me for sure!!!
My 'artsy' photo moment
Blake enjoying his first S'more. After this, he preferred just straight marshmallows, nothing else!
Trevor having his first S'more. I'm not sure I can say enjoying, as he ate 1/3 of it and then gave it to me!
Trevor helping Daddy cooke apple pies with the new pie irons (thanks Kate!)
1 sleeping child....1 to go!
Blake decided to sleep in the backpack on Sunday's walk, rather than in the tent Saturday night! Ah, children!!!
A good trip, we all are home safe, clean, and tick-free (I knew you were worried!). Another trip to come soon, hopefully!!

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Greg said...

Bait in a vending machine, now I have seen everything. Looks like a fun trip for the fam. Selena and I just went camping this week, more on our blog about that.