Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What a busy day!!! The title is only relevant to part of the day, but there's too many other things that happened to list them all in the title!!

We started off this morning going to playgroup. This consists of 5 mom's and 10 kids, 7 boys between 1.5 and 4 and 3 girls under 18 months! What fun!! One of the little girls loves me and loves to sit in my lap.... today that wasn't okay with Blake. So he kicked her!!! Yup, my sweet little monster kicked her right out of my lap! So that resulted in a timeout, which he never recovered from. He refused to apologize, so I refused to coddle him, so he spent the rest of playgroup lying on the floor being pouty. I made him give her a hug before we left, but he was a PITA!!! Oh well, Trevor and I had a great time....and I got a lot of mom-talk/gossip in!!!

This afternoon, we were visited by one of my favorite people.... Stanley Steemer!! Yay, clean carpets. The main family room, along with the guest room (that is a hide-away for my older cat Pfister) REALLY needed it! The SS guys were a little disgusted by the state of the carpet in the cat room, but oh well! The rooms look (and smell) much better than they did this morning, and the boys loved watching the action!!

After nap, we made a quick trip to the grocery store. Nothing major, no issues. So upon returning home, the boys were granted the right to play outside. They were good, so I rewarded them. A request was made to take a walk around the block, and so we started. We got sidetracked down the street at a friends house. The friends' Grandpa was digging out old trees and putting in new ones. We HAD to stay and watch for a while. Warnings that we were about to leave were given and no problems were encountered....until we left.

Trevor hopped back on his bike, and Blake opted to pull the wagon instead of ride. When we got to the corner - left to go around the block, straight to go home - Trevor turned left, no problem. Blake went straight....problem!! Blake REFUSED to go around the block. And when I say refused, I truly mean it. This kid is pure 2 1/2 and STRONG!!!

I put him in the wagon, he got out. I carried him, he screamed. I put him down, he ran for home. It was a no-win situation. Eventually, we just went around the block. Blake followed me down the street screaming and howling like a madman. Nothing made him happy. He didn't want to be in the wagon, didn't want to walk, and didn't want to be carried!!! And as we made our way around the block, about 3/4 of a mile all in all, he got louder and louder. Neighbor's started opening doors and looking out windows. Kids of all ages stopped and stared. Only one dared comment.... at least to me!

So, now I wonder what they think of me..... Hopefully, some of the other parents out there understand that sometimes a kid just screams and nothing will make them happy!! Hopefully, no one thinks I deserve to be reported!!! I just make sure I appreciated Trevor being good the whole time, and ignored Blake. What else can you do!

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