Friday, June 20, 2008

When Trevor's Away

Often it is just me and B in the car. We take Trev to school, to camp, somewhere, and then he and I hang out. When Trev first started school, B was always looking over at the empty car seat and asking "Where Trevor?". I would reassure him many times, that I hadn't lost or forgotten Trev.

Many Times!!

Now Trev is going to summer camp 3 days a week. On Monday, B was VERY upset that he didn't get to stay and play with all the big kids. Today, B decided it wasn't such a big deal.... if Trevor wasn't going to stay in the car with us and go place, we'd use his car seat for someone (or thing) else important...

Note to all my car seat buddies: I'm sure by size and weight Elmo should still be rear-facing. I'll work on this and explain to B, so we don't have any Elmo injuries in the event of a crash! =P


moo said...

Too cute!

We also have an Elmo lover in our house ... and Bert and Big Bird and Cookie Monster ...

Angela said...

Tegan, as a certified Child Passenger Technician, I believe I can help you. Please see the link below. I believe this rear-facing infant seat will accommodate little Elmo much better and protect his spinal column in the event of a collision.


Seriously though I KNOW they have these doll car seats that actually INSTALL in your vehicle. You that they don't become a projectile if you really do crash. What will they think of next?! HAHAHA!!

Oh wait, I found it!!!

"Joovy has developed the first doll car seat that helps children understand the importance of good passenger safety, without sacrificing play-time fun. Children learn to imitate the role of a caring and responsible parent as they safely secure a favorite doll or stuffed toy into the doll car seat. And parents find that their child is more cooperative about using their own car seat as a result!"

It's crash-tested and can install with LATCH....hilarious!!!!