Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday, we went to the Brookfield Zoo. Just the 3 of us. It was a beautiful day and summer camp was done for the day, so why not!! Instead of the traditional lions and tigers and bears, we accidentally focused on the sightly more obscure animals the zoo has. Such as:


Sea Horses

Sting Rays

Chuckwalla (this one cracks me up, as the boys when they are acting 'silly' say made up words all the time, and one of their favorite 'made-up' words is 'Chic-walla-walla-walla'!).

On top of those, we also spent lots of time:
waving to/chasing squirrels...
looking at the empty fountain =(

climbing in a statue of a fish head!

enjoying our first push ups of the year-YUM!

It was a HUGELY successful day! And we did it all without the stroller (I wasn't planning to go anywhere besides camp when we left in the morning!)....but we did fine!!


Beth said...

What, no pandas? :)

The Kappels said...

no pandas =( i don't think our zoo has any in fact. i'll double check next time i'm there just for Mr. A =)