Monday, September 8, 2008

Visiting Cincinnati

We spent Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati with my cousin. Orginally, our other cousin was supposed to join us (and we would have had 6 kids under 5 together!), but alas she could not make it.

None the less, we had a grand time, with my cousin, her 2 boys, my aunt, and my birth father and his wife.

The little boys playing at the train table (always a favorite)
The big boys playing the Wii (after the little boys went to bed!)
A rare moment with all 4 little boys in one picture!
At the Cincinnati Zoo (Trevor requested a visit there, after remembering we went last year!)

My cousin's boys (aww, how cute)
Three boys in a wagon (gee, they can fit!)
The 'best' posed photo of the 4 boys. REALLY hard to get 4 kids under 5 to pose nicely for any amount of time!!
The best posed photo of the parents and kids (ditto the comment above, about the parents too!)

Thanks for letting us invade, Klarysa! It was great to see you and the family! You're always welcome here!!

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