Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser

All right, I admit it, I am a reality show watcher. In fact, in the next few weeks, my 3 favorite reality shows start: Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, and Amazing Race. Each I enjoy for various reasons, but I will admit that without TiVo, I would NOT be watching (way TOO much fake drama and recapping of the basic plot).

Anyway.... after a killer day at work, I came home to the season premiere of probably the most mindless of the three shows. But still I enjoy it. After watching tonight, I will tell you that I don't personally care for the Purple Team, Shellay & Amy, and hope they don'twin it - they seem a little whiny.

My top 3: Red - Phillip& Amy; Yellow- Jerry & Coleen; and Orange, Ed & Heba,

I was very surprised to see both Orange and Green in the bottom two. I guess Green's cocky attitude is why they got voted off, but it's so early it's very hard to guess.

Ironically, every week for the past few seasons, when Steve & I sit down to watch this show, we get about 5 minutes into the show, and both go the kitchen for snacks!!! We can't watch the show without eating!!! Ooopsies!

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