Monday, September 8, 2008

Uncle Tim's Reception

So, ages 3 weeks, in fact. Uncle Tim (from MO not from DE, there are 2 Uncle Tim' confusing!), was here in town for his wedding reception.

So let's back up a moment. In July, Tim & Kimberlee got married in South Carolina, on a small island right near Hilton Head. Immediate family were initially invited, and Steve, the kids and I were ready to jump a plane and go (I'm thinking VACATION!) but not all the other siblings could make it, so plans changed. They got married with their parents in attendance, and Tim & Steve's mom planned a reception here for the end of August.

Trevor and Blake were quite excited, to see Uncle Tim, meet Kimberlee, and go to a wedding (well almost!). It was a very nice reception, lots of family that we don't see a lot, and many people ended up coming back to our place afterward to continue the festivities!

A few pictures.....nothing major or fancy as I spent much of my time either: a) resting my sore back or b) trying to get the kids to stay out of trouble or eat something!!!

Congrats to Tim & Kimberlee!!

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