Monday, September 29, 2008

Amazing Race 13

Thank god it's back! I LOVE this show! I would so be on it if my kids weren't so young. Maybe in 10 years if they're still doing it!!

Last night's season premiere did not dissapoint. I was surprised to see only 1 married couple, and older at that. Usually there are a few married couples who've been together 5-ish years. I guess I should count the pair from Florida, Ken & Tina, who are separated, as married...but we'll see at the end of the season. I expect their relationship issues to affect their race performance, but last night proved me wrong. However, it's still early!

I was not at all surprised to see a token set of blondes on the show. I think the last few seasons have always had the pair of "more-concerned-with-our-looks-or-getting-guys" type gals, who also happen to be blonde, and this season is no different. I predict Marisa & Brooke, the "Southern Belles" will not make it very far....maybe 7th place at best.

Another team that came to my attention, but not necessarily for positive reasons, the 'Frat Guys'. They came to my attention due to one team member wearing a Delaware t-shirt. Great publicity for my home state - NOT!!! Dude, is he actually from Delaware? Ugh! I am not expecting much from these guys, except maybe some girl chasing of the southern belles.

My top 3 picks:

Toni & Dallas- Mom & Son - I think the fact that she's raised him alone will help them get farther than other mother/son teams. So far, they seem to have a positive respectful relationship which is definetly more than other parent/child teams in the past.

Nick & Starr - Brother & Sister - While the opening footage of them doing cheerleading moves together, leads Steve and I to question certain things, those things are not relevant to the winning of the race. They seem to have a close brother/sister relationship and also are quite athletic.

Kelly & Christy - Divorced Friends - I think there is a possible strength in these two females due to what they've dealt with personally in the last few years. I base my choice soley on the fact that you shouldn't mess with pissed-off women, so watch out for these two!!

I was sad to see Anita & Arthur go. I've seen some gerat older couples do quite well at this race over the past seasons, and I honestly thought they had a chance to be one of those. In fact, they were my #4 finisher pick. Oops, guess I'm not that good!!

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