Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DWTS Night 2

Night #2 of DWTS! Yay!! It took all 2 hours of the show, but I got my 1st voted off right. Good bye Jeff & Edyta. Sorry, but dancing just wasn't for him.

I debated doing a couple by couple run down for tonight, but my head just wants to hit my pillow so I'll skip it. I really enjoyed Brooke & Derek and they deserve #1. I really thought Maurice & Cheryl, Ted & Inna, Cody & Julianne, Rocco & Karina, and Susan & Tony IMPROVED dramatically. I was dissapointed by Cloris & Corky -no substance; Kim & Mark -bad song choice, and she just didn't move like he did.

Sorry to say, but I think Cloris is going home. She's entertaining, but not able to compete at this level! Good for her for trying!!!

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