Thursday, September 4, 2008

The house has been invaded

by a Nintendo Wii. Yup, we finally got one and joined the craze! Steve has already been on it for the last 2+ hours.

I went to Toys R Us today, and they had a big sign proclaiming "Wii in Stock". So I texted Steve, and now we have one. He'd been shopping online and putting packages together, but why ship when you can buy in person.

Now I just need a Wii Fit. Oh, and a fixed back (although it is MUCH better).

I also just realized, this is the FIRST video game system I have ever owned, or that my family has owned. I.e. mom and dad NEVER got us an atari, nintendo, etc. WOW! Was I a deprived child, or am I not doing my kids any favors by getting them involved in this world at this young age??

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