Monday, September 29, 2008

DWTS Week 2

Yay, more dancing. But I have to say, the Rumba is not a dance I enjoy. For me, too much posing and posturing and not enough foot movement. I don't care how much their feet move, it's still boring. With that in mind, it's hard for me to judge tonight's dances, because the 6 couples that did the Rumba are kinda getting a rough deal in my head. Anyway...

I was quite impressed with Brooke & Derekand Warren & Kym (these football players keep doing SO well).

I thought Cloris & Corky and Susan & Tony did much better this week, each of those being relative statements. Cloris finally did more dancing than acting this week, which is what the show is all about. THANK YOU!

I thought Rocco & Karina, Kim & Mark, and Maurice and Cheryl deserved higher scores.

While I like Lance & Lacey being original, tonight's dance was NOT a Paso Doble, so their scores are appropriate.

I want to like Misty & Maks, but they need to connect to each other better....she's kinda un-engaged emotionally with him.

Yet, again I have to say I see Cloris & Corky deserving to go home. She did much more dancing than last week, especially dance #2, but it's still a contest of who is the best dancer, and she's just not going to win that. Sorry....

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