Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

Well, Houston may have a problem. But Chicago is doing JUST FINE!!! In baseball terms at least!!!

Yesterday, I took advantage of a wonderful series of coincidences. The one not wonderful part being Hurricane Ike. I do hope that everyone impacted by Ike is safe and sound, and that they can get back home ASAP. That being said...

The wonderful coincidences: the timing of the hurricane and the Cubs visit to Houston; the fact that they ended up rescheduling the games to Milwaukee on Sunday & Monday; and that I NEVER work on Monday's.

So, yesterday we went to the Cubs vs. Astros game, in Milwaukee. That's confusing enough to those of us who follow baseball (or that don't) but Trevor was VERY confused by it. All thru the game he kept asking me if the Pirates were winning!!! He knows his NL Central teams, but he got all mixed up yesterday!!

The game was great, the kids were pretty darn good, and the Cubs WON!!! All's well that ends well. I got to see quite a bit of the game, but retrospectively, it was the scoreless innings that we sat through and somehow I missed the big home run innings!!! Oh well!!

The view from our 'official' seats (We wandered the park due to the kids and saw parts of the game from almost everwhere, including the upper deck, where we weren't supposed to be!! Oopsies!)
Trevor and his peanuts. He really loves shelling them and getting to make a mess!

Blake and his peanuts. He prefers to eat them Daddy-style, without shelling them! He just bites in!In the kids play area, hanging with the Hot-Dog and Chorizo. (Milwaukee does a Sausage Race involving these 2 and 3 others (italian sausage, bratwurst, and polish sausage.)
Trevor practiced his pitching.

My picture of the scoreboard at the top of the 7th, just before the Cubs no-hitter was broken up. Sunday, the Cubs threw a no hitter, and therefore went 15 straight innings without allowing a hit!!! Woo Hoo!
The scoreboard now showing the 1 (and only) hit.The boys enjoying their ice cream before we headed home!

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