Monday, September 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

WOO HOO!! I love this show! I'm so glad it's back, and night #1 did NOT dissapoint. I am not a big American Idol or Survivor watcher, but this is my show. And I will follow it VERY closely, and blog about it to no end. If you don't care....well too bad!!! =)

Now for my reviews....which, yes are just my opinion. While I am a former dancer (from age 9-17), I am by no means familiar with Ballroom dancing (that's my brother's area!-go Tim!), and have no qualifications to be a judge. This show however, is sadly a popularity contest, and I at least try to base my votes on who dances well (in my opinion) and not who's cuter, more famous, etc.


Cody & Julieanne - 7th - Umm, 1 word... dull! She's spent a lot of time doing things aside from dancing lately (country music, magazine covers) and I don't really care for that. Dance because you love it. Do DWTS because it's a challenge. But now you're just another famous person trying to make too much $$$. And him, again dull..... Just didn't do it for me. Guess you can tell I'm too old for Hannah Montana.

Rocco & Karina - 12th - Well, they were better than the first two. Not sure I can say much more than that. I would like to see them back a few more times to see if they can get better. In the meantime, he can cook for me anytime!!

Toni & Alec - 2nd - WOO HOO!!! I'm sorry, these two should be in first!! Kudos to Toni for doing this with her heart condition. I love people like this who go out and do something to prove they can (like past contestants Marlee Matlin, Marissa Jaret Winokur, & Heather Mills). I was very impressed by her musicallity (okay she is a singer) and their connection!

Maurice & Cheryl - 7th - Well, at least Cheryl hasn't been handed the competition this year, as it seemed in past years. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but don't make it a give-away that she'll win it! They weren't bad. He's a lot of fun - I like Carrie Ann comparing him to James Brown! I want to see more.

Brooke & Derek - 1st - First of all, I want to look like that after having 4 kids, and 6 months after having my latest!! Holy Cow!! They were good and fun! I'm seeing a possible champion but I honsetly thought Toni & Alec were better (or at least as good).

Ted & Inna - 7th - Hey, it's Jefferson Darcy (Mr Marcy Darcy) from Married with Children. My parents tried to stop me from watching that messed up show, but I loved it!!! And he was pretty funny! Better than Cody and Maurice IMHO.

Lance & Lacey - 2nd - Seriously, more *NSYNC guys, really. I wasn't a fan, EVER. Joey Fatone grew on me during season 4, but I',m not sure Lance will. I will give them credit for originality, and making ballroom 'cool' but I like traditional ballroom, so I'm a little with Len on this one. Show me some technical substance and then I'll be with you on the originality factor.

Cloris & Corky - 10th - Okay, she was a hoot after the dance and backstage! I wasn't hugely impressed with her technical ability, BUT she's eighty-frickin'-two and I doubt I'll be able to move like that at that age. So I give her HUGE kudos. I truly hope I can move like that at 82! But she's not making my top3.

Jeff & Edyta - 13th - So usually, when Edyta dances comments come up about wardrobe. I believe that will be true again tonight. But not about Edyta for once... but about Jeff. What was wardrobe thinking. He's not a thin/small guy. That's fine. But that outfit DID NOT help him look any more graceful or good (like Warren Sapp's did) at all!!! They're sabotaging him or something. That being said, even with the wardrobe issues aside....sorry, it's time to go Jeff. Back to Comedy Central!

Kim & Mark - 6th - Well, they were good technically, but I agree with the judges that they lacked chemistry between them and with the audience. I want to see more and they might be top 3 material.

Susan & Tony - 11th - Okay, the weight comment is already getting tons of press online. I think CarrieAnn meant it as a strength thing as she did look like she was going to break like a twig at times. Moving on.... They were really stiff together. Maybe she will be better at ballroom, but I'm not convinced right now. But I think Rocco was better than her!!

Misty & Maks - 4th - Well, she was VERY jock. But she was WAY better than Steffi Graf last year. I think the judges got it right that she needs to relax more and she'll improve.

Warren & Kym - 4th - Not quite Emmit Smith, but pretty damn good for a big man and football player. I'm very impressed by his footwork, and they were a lot of fun! 3: Toni & Alec; Brooke & Derek; Lance & Lacey.
Good bye #1: Jeff & Edyta

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